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Start-up company or website isn't getting enough traffic or isn't bringing you enough prospects? I could help you attract further customers towards your business to expand your business profile.

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Welcome to the portfolio of Web Consultant and Business Analyst. Before we start, find out a bit more about me and my experience. I build strong long term relationships with my clients making sure their future is bright and successful.

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Whether you need a brand new web site or want to improve an existing site, I offer the depth and breadth of knowledge to help improve your bottom line.

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    Do you need a website for your new business and you are not sure how to start? You are in the right place so why not start it with me!

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    If you want to increase your sales and lead in your field you need to sell online. Take the advantage and outstrip your competition!

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    If you need a data collection system or enhance functionality of your website, you should check my web development service!

  • Social Media

    Let your clients carry you to the next level! Take the advantage and use social media effectively to fulfil your full potential.


How to increase the website conversion rate?

Increasing your website’s conversion rate should be your top priority. Reason being that every visitor who comes to your site has been paid for by your marketing ad dollar. So what can you do today to increase your website conversion rate?


  • "I have enjoyed working with Chris and the web site is now up and working. Chris seems very willing to keep communication open and give me appropriate advice."- Craig Zetail,

    "I am very happy with Chris' work on my website. He is a trustworthy and experienced web consultant. He helped me all the way through creating and developing my website. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to expand my business in the right direction and target a customer base, that was appropriate for services which I offer." - Roni Kawalek,